How We Bust Out.

We’re a small, laser-focused team dedicated to our craft.

The work we do is grounded in rock-solid engineering and elevated by impeccable user interface design. We craft custom web and mobile applications. We solve problems. We make things beautiful. We make lives simpler. We avoid bullshit. We have fun.
We help your organization do better.

Secret Sauce

It’s in the Talent

Our team is made up of designers who write code, and programmers who craft user experiences. A cross-discipline team leads to higher-quality products. Wireframes and visual designs are created with a deep understanding of the implementation, so we never design in a technical vacuum. When it comes to programming, we don’t just write code robotically — we think. With our brains. If we have ideas to make the user experience better, we’ll make it happen.

Since everybody is “Senior,” we don’t even bother to make the distinction in our job titles. When you hire Bust Out Solutions, you get the A-team. There is no B-team.


From Startups to Corporations

We evaluate each potential client just as much as we encourage them to evaluate us. We love clients who love technology. The clients and work we take on have these qualities:

  1. Cool People. We’ll be working together for a long time, so there has to be chemistry.
  2. Challenging. We like to push boundaries, especially our own.
  3. Good Mission. We love to work with non-profit, education, arts, charitable, and government organizations.
A Few of Our Clients
Best Buy logo Minnesota Public Radio logo 3M logo Wausau Paper logo SPCO logo
Geek Squad logo Target logo Theatres at MOA logo GovDelivery logo Best Buy Mobile logo
Pottery Barn logo GroupLooper logo Williams-Sonoma logo Izzy's Ice Cream logo Zeus Jones logo
City of St. Paul logo City of Minneapolis logo Quimbee logo Tait Subler logo Hen's Teeth logo
Como Friends logo Gravie logo Be The Match logo The Schubert Club logo Winestyr logo
Raw Bistro logo Machinima logo Nickelodeon Universe logo 45 North logo TPT logo
WeDo logo Apparation GCC logo ASH logo Hennepin Theatre Trust logo Ordway logo

Relationships, Not Projects

We want to work with you, not for you. Digital products need to evolve, grow, and adapt to changes in your organization, upgrades in technology, and new directions in your business strategy. We want to be your go-to team for a very long time. When we take a product live, we consider that the beginning of a lifetime of fun.


We turn down about 80% of work inquiries.

Our team isn’t lazy or snobby — we just believe that when designers and programmers take a keen interest in the work at hand, they produce higher-quality work. In order to ensure that we remain at the top of our game, we’re very selective about the clients and projects we pursue. We enjoy solving interesting problems and we take a lot of pride in our work.

It’s simple — we love what we do, and we have fun doing it.

Work With Us