Whac-A-Mole Meets Hindu Mythology

Brahmageddon mobile_landscape screenshot
Brahmageddon tablet_landscape screenshot


Jamie’s girlfriend was struggling with putting on (or was it taking off?) a sports bra. Jokingly, Jamie asked her if she was experiencing bra-mageddon. Later that week in the office, Jamie's silly term morphed into “Brahma-geddon.”

Uh, wouldn’t that be a cool name for a video game? Brahmageddon. Uh, heh heh. That’s funny. And so we started Bust Out Games.

Brahmageddon is basically whack-a-mole with Hindu demons instead of moles. Originally, the game concept was to whack Hindu gods, but clearly that would be offensive to Hindus. Then we thought, what if instead of picking on Hinduism we included all religions? Jesus would pop up – whack – then Buddha – whack – Muhammad – whack! But perhaps offending all of the world’s major religions was worse than picking on one, so we landed on the concept of demons. Demons are bad! Who wouldn’t want to whack a demon?

The point of building Brahmageddon – besides to have fun – was to see what the Bust Out team could produce in the gaming industry. We developed the gameplay concept, designed the look and feel, illustrated the characters, did the iOS engineering and testing, and even composed, recorded, and mixed the soundtrack.

Featuring characters from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, the great classical epics of India, Brahmageddon is a light-hearted and absorbing way to escape the stresses of modern life, and return to a time when heros were real heros, and the bad guys were real demons.

It’s mayhem in ancient India! Cannibal demons are popping up everywhere! Brahmageddon is nigh! Yet all hope is not lost, for your fingertips possess the awesome power of demon smiting! Will you wield that power? Will you heed the hero’s call? Well, look at their smug little faces. Don’t you just want to bonk them on the head?

UX Design

Creating Characters with Character

The characters were brought to life first with basic pencil sketches based on descriptions from books on Hindu mythology. Hidimba, Ravana, and Kabandha took shape on paper before getting the full digital treatment.

Step 1
Visual Design

Bringing the game to life

After prototyping the mechanics of the game and creating the character art, the visual design of the game brought it all together.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3