Donation Kiosk

Como Friends tablet_landscape screenshot

Como Friends

We created a custom iPad kiosk app for Como Friends that allows visitors of the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory to make credit card donations. We designed the app to replicate the age-old giving experience of dropping a cash donation into the traditional cash boxes located at the zoo’s main entrances. Users choose an amount, swipe a credit card, and they’re done! A confirmation screen allows donors to enter their email address and contact information if they wish to receive receipts of their tax-deductible donations, and it allows Como Friends to capture donor information — data that is equally valuable to a non-profit organization as the donation itself.

UX Design

Designing for Simplicity

Simplicity and speed are crucial in order for the app to succeed as a donation kiosk. We used a cycle of turning our sketches into interactive prototypes until we landed on the right user experience. With a single tap and swipe of a credit card, a donation can be made.

Choose an Amount
Swipe to Donate
Thanks for Donating
Visual Design

Crafting the Look & Feel

Como Park Zoo had already created the campaign for their featured giraffe exhibit, so we designed the iPad app to closely tie in with their existing campaign materials. We also utilized animation to enhance the experience — amount buttons zoom forward when chosen, the giraffe slowly moves her head, and the credit card figure swipes downward to suggest user action.

Swipe to Donate
Thanks for your donation
Information Sent