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GroupLooper makes it easier for you to get on the course when you want, where you want, with the people you want, at a price that’s in your comfort zone. It enables golfers to organize and book tee times, connect with others, discover discounts, and find a wealth of information about courses. It’s built with the idea that golf should be more fun, more convenient, and more affordable.

GroupLooper was founded by Mike Dickoff, an avid and talented golfer himself. After retiring from a successful career as Senior Executive at Accenture and CEO of Navitaire, Mike was finally able to enjoy more time out on the golf course, and wanted everybody to have the opportunity to do so as well. GroupLooper is a technology solution that enables people to play more golf and have more fun.

We tend to favor startups whose founders scratch their own itch, and it was immediately clear when we met Mike that he was passionate about building a product for himself. We started with rapid prototyping in order to hash out the basic functionality of the app. Once we felt comfortable that we were on the right track, we dove into user experience and visual design, as well as a bit of branding. We're constantly implementing new features and evolving the app to make playing golf as enjoyable and simple as possible.