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Wausau Paper®
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Wausau Paper®

Wausau Paper® found its beginnings in 1899. Since then the company and its products have evolved along with the paper industry as a whole. Using a highly-customized WordPress as the content management system that backs 11 decades of information, we created a website that tells the story of the brands, products, and people who power this amazing organization.

UX Design

Designing the User Experience

Digital sketches using the iPad app Paper help us flush out the pages and content of this massive website. With over a dozen brands and thousands of products, a well-crafted content architecture is critical in making sure the user experience remains clean and intuitive.

Header Detail
Brand / Product Type
Product Sidebar

Building Interactive Prototypes

Interactive wireframes help to further the user experience study. Full click-through pages let us test user flow pathways through the site.

Division Overview
Product Sidebar
Visual Design

Crafting the Look & Feel

You might not think of paper products as anything appealing to look at, but Wausau Paper has some truly beautiful product photos. We chose to highlight that in the visual design with the large hero images and image-heavy product grids.

Home - Product Types
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Division - Markets

We created a custom set of icons to represent each target market.

Header - Brands

The navigation bar slides down to reveal a horizontal-sliding panel featuring large logos and icons. This makes browsing by brand, product type, or market always just a click away.


Each brand page starts off with a large background photo used to highlight the quality of its product line. From there, each product type offered under the brand is easily discoverable.

mobile screenshot
mobile screenshot
mobile screenshot
Product Table

Product variants are displayed in tables featuring large, click-anywhere rows that display the most pertinent details.

Product Sidebar

Clicking a product conveniently slides in a panel containing the complete listing so you never have to leave the page.


The basket allows users to save a list of products as they browse the site, then download, email, or print a PDF containing detailed spec sheets for each product.

Basket - Email PDF
Basket - Empty
Product Types

We created a custom icon set representing each product type.


Making Sense of Complex Data

The site is built on WordPress which, out of the box, is not designed to handle overly complex data architectures. Using a variety of tools and our own custom-built framework, we customized the admin interface to ease the management of Wausau Paper's vast amount of interconnected data including brands, products, product types, designations, markets, and more.


Several types of custom fields allow for simple, yet fine-grained control of brand properties.


Choosing related items and resources with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Product Type

Product types are connected to other data units including a brand, type, and resource through simple drop-down menus.


Resources are documents, videos, and links that are often referenced in several different places. Managing them in one central location eliminates the possibility of duplicate data.