Our Team.

Putting ampersands in job titles since 2005.

Top talent can exist anywhere, so location is a secondary consideration when hiring the best. While we’re based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have team members in several cities around the U.S. We’ve mastered the art of operating a distributed team, which is not that difficult with self-motivated individuals.


We are humans. We have passion in our hearts, sweat on our brows, and laughter in our bellies. We are greater than our job titles, and in many ways work and life balance each other and make us better. We’re whole people with a desire to enjoy the moments in life that truly matter, like sinking that perfect Nerf Hoops shot.

Trick Shots
Longest Shot
38 ft.
Minutes Played
  • Photo of Jeff Lin

    Jeff Lin

    CEO & Founder

    Jeff founded Bust Out Solutions in 2005 with the vision of assembling a team of highly-talented individuals who share his love of technology and his passion for design. Jeff has a degree in molecular biology, a background in software engineering, and he also spends time teaching in the classroom.

    Photo of Jeff Lin

    Jeff Lin

    Dad & Soccer Player

    Jeff has always said that if it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. From a stint on reality television to a passion for music and the arts, Jeff has always wanted to try and do everything. While he’s a lifelong violinist and soccer player, he’s continually inspired by his family and friends to explore the world, try new things, do better, be more, and, most importantly, to always keep learning.

  • Photo of Eric Grossnickle

    Eric Grossnickle

    Designer & Developer

    Eric is an interface designer and software engineer with a knack for pixel-level perfection and highly performant code. His design principles are based in simplicity and subtle detail. His degree in computer science allows him to see the whole picture, well beyond just the front-end design.

    Photo of Eric Grossnickle

    Eric Grossnickle

    Homebrewer & Snowboarder

    Eric is a snowboarder, beer brewer, dog and cat lover, underground hip-hop connoisseur, superstar husband, and all around chill dude.


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